Tips to help you select a Medicare coverage plan

If you have Medicare but you’re yet to select a Humana Medicare Supplements plan or prescription drug plan, then here are some simple steps that’ll help you make the best decision.

Tips to consider before selecting a coverage plan

  1. Review your current plan or get a new one at

Evaluate how much you’ve spent on health care so far, including doctor bills, prescription, and hospital expenses. Once you have an idea of your expenses, you’ll be able to determine if your financial and medical needs.

  1. Know the available option

There are several Supplements plans to choose from. They include:

  • Original Medicare – This provides basic coverage for medical expenses. However, it doesn’t cover most prescriptions. It also includes cost sharing in the form of coinsurance and deductibles. This is Part A and B.
  • Medicare Supplements – This includes all expenses covered under Part A and B administered through a private insurer such as Humana. It may include additional benefits such as hearing, dental, vision, fitness program, a nurse advice line, and a prescription drug coverage. This is Part C. MA plans have been gaining popularity in the last few years and now accounts for nearly a third of Medicare beneficiaries.
  • Prescription Drug Plans – This provides coverage for prescription medicines. It can also be added to Original Medicare, Medigap (Medicare Supplement) or any other MA plans that do not cover prescription coverage. This is known as Part D.
  • Supplement Plans – This pays for some of the cost not covered by Original Medicare. These plans do not have a specific provider network. In addition, joining a supplement plan isn’t limited to the Annual enrollment period.
  1. Compare Ships

Once you’ve picked out the type of plan that is best for your needs, the next thing you want to do is research the benefits, costs, as well as the hospitals/doctors associated with each plan. Check to see if your doctor and hospital is included in your preferred option.

  1. Considers added benefits

Certain Supplements plans come with added benefits like exercise classes and fitness programs designed specifically for people using Medicare. Other plans come with benefits like dental, hearing, and vision. Figure out which of these benefits you need most and will contribute most to your overall wellness.


If you are going to change your plan, you should know that any plan you select would be your plan for a whole calendar year, barring certain exceptions. So make sure you carry out proper research before making any decision.