Pros and cons of a Medicare Supplement Plan

The United Healthcare Medicare Supplement plans are also called the Medicare part c. These plans are an alternative method to receive your Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) with additional benefits at  same time. Although the private insurance companies manage these plan but the government has bound plan providers to offer everything in their plan which is offered by the Original Medicare in form of Medicare Part A and Part B. However, the health insurance Supplement plans are short of the hospice care and that is due to hospice care coverage by the Medicare Part A. The health insurance Supplement plans gave gained popularity because along with the Original Medicare they also provide the additional benefits such as prescription drug coverage, routine dental and vision coverage as well.

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As we have already discussed that private insurers regulate health insurance Supplement plans, therefore, their terms and conditions can change due to which following things arise:

  • structure of every health insurance Supplement plan depends on private insurer only, due to which insurer might want high-out-of-pocket costs than those in Original Medicare.
  • Premiums, copays, and coinsurances of a plan can vary every year.
  • Some private insurance companies place strict restrictions on getting some certain services such as need of a referral to see a particular specialist due to which members are forced to change their doctor or hospital or otherwise they have to face high costs.
  • Private insurance companies make yearly contracts with Original Medicare for their plans, and they have to renew their plans, and it is their choice not to renew plan for a particular year.


  • There are some of plans which offer as low as $0 as premiums. However, amount of premium can vary on basis of your country and state. However, there is one kind of premium which is fixed and that is Part B premium all members have to pay that no matter what.
  • Original Medicare offers coverage for health insurance Part A and Part B, however, health insurance Supplement plans not only provide coverage for health insurance Parts A and B but also includes additional benefits such as fitness programs like gym memberships for healthy members and also vision, hearing, or dental checkup.
  • There is also a limit on maximum out-of-pocket costs for each plan, and enrollee can spend up to that mark, but plan provider provides coverage for any medical service above than that.