Medicare Advantage Plans, go through the overview

Medicare Advantage plans are lucrative as it announces offering a Zero premium insurance plan, but there are snags also coming with this policy that demands you to pay more from your pocket.  Here is the description in points to have a clear overview of Medicare Advantage Plans:


  • The care costs more than it may with the Traditional Medicare and this is high if the patient has some critical medical problem.
  • The private plans may cease coverage suddenly as they are not stable financially. This happened in 2014 in Florida, as a well known MA plan was declared insolvent and people had to cancel their appointments that they had with doctors.
  • Seeking urgent or emergency care with Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 found at is very difficult owing to rationing. These plans cover certain doctors, breaking the care continuity.
  • Members must follow as per the rules of the plan if they need coverage.
  • Choosing hospitals, doctors and health care providers have restrictions and this is another rationing form that the insurance company profits are up, while patients have limited choice.
  • With MA plans, getting care when you are not at home is very difficult.
  • The benefits offered as extra may turn not very pleasing, in fact less than promised.
  • Plans including Part D coverage for Prescription drug may also notice high-cost medications are rationed.


Return to Traditional Medicare


  • medicare advantage plans 2019With Medicare Advantage, you can save money, if you are always healthy. In case you become sick, you are stuck with costs making you to switch plans for Medicare in the open season. At such times, it is best to return to Traditional Medicare with the Medigap. Of course, the Medigap may charge higher rate if you are Medigap enrolled initially, when you were eligible for Medicare
  • Medigap policies in general are age rated and it means you sign up later means you pay more per month, if you do not enroll at 65 years.


Wrapping up

Shop carefully, especially while considering Medicare Advantage plans. It is a must to read all the fine prints, whatever insurance policy you buy. Get deductibles and co-pays before choosing and ensure your doctors accept plans and medications wrapping the prescription drug Part D. in case the plan fails to cover your physicians, ensure the doctors take new patients under this plan coverage. This is essential so that you receive the coverage rightly.