How to Deal With Losing Your Spouse As A Senior

We have all probably at this point in our lives have dealt with losing someone that we love or someone that is close to us in our life, whether that is a family member or even a friend it can be very hard on our mental health. What usually is very hard for people to deal with the lose of their spouse. The older you get the harder it seems it get since the longer time goes on the longer you have spent your life with that person. A lot of times when someone who is elderly and their spouse dies they tend to pass away a few months to a few years later. It’s very hard to spend everyday with somebody you love for thirty plus years of your life for them to just pass away so sudden. While it can be very hard to deal with and it may feel almost impossible to move on it is very possible to do so. This is how moving on and keep going can be easier with these tips.

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The first thing that you need to remember is that your spouse would want you to move on with your life and not to focus on their death for the rest of the life that you still have. They loved you and cared about you and they wouldn’t want you to feel miserable and sad for the rest of your life. The wanted the best for you and the best for you isn’t to focus on their death for the rest of your days. While you might feel guilty for wanting to move on with you you really shouldn’t feel that way, There is nothing wrong with not wanting to feel sad and alone for the rest of your life. As long as you feel ready to, it’s okay to let that person go and while of course there is nothing wrong with thinking about them in a happy positive way and thinking about all the happy times you had together you shouldn’t be sad everyday thinking about how awful you feel now that they are gone. Try to move on the best you can.

Find something that you enjoy to do in your freetime to get your mind off of this terrible feeling. Do the things that you love to do as much as you can or pick up a new hobby that you always wanted to try. Take a cooking class or maybe and art class, whatever seems the most fun to do is what you should do. Just try to put your mind on something else besides thinking about them all the time. The more you get your mind off of them the better you will probably feel.