Extra Income Ideas


It’s never too late to start making money, and once you have reached retirement it’s even more important to ensure you have a steady stream of income to keep you living comfortably. Here are some fun and exciting ways to make some extra money during retirement.


First of all, you should make sure you are up to date with all of your insurance policies, including your Medicare supplement plans, so that there are no gaps to fill with any of this extra money you will have coming in. Once that has been done, there are plenty of great money making plans to consider.


If you have a car, you might not have even realized there are great ways to use it to make money. If you enjoy driving around town, sign up to be an Uber or Lyft driver. You can make your own hours and get paid only for working when you want to. All you have to do is drive around town and pick people up who request a ride through the app and drop them off at the location they want to go to. It’s simple and easy to do. You can also use your car to rent out ad space. If you’ve ever seen cars or vans with large logos and designs as their exterior paint jobs, chances are they are renting out the space on their car for companies to advertise on. If you already enjoy driving around, this is the perfect way to make money without even having to do any extra work for it.

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Another way to make money by doing something you love without having to do any extra work is by becoming a mystery shopper. Many stores hire secret shoppers to go to their store and buy their products or services and then report their experiences back to the companies for them to use to better their customers’ experiences. If you love to shop already, why not get paid to do it?


Aside from secretly shopping for companies, you can also get paid by companies to test out their websites and reporting back about your user experience. Or you can be a tester and try new products companies are thinking of launching and telling them how you liked or didn’t like it. These are almost like traditional focus groups that you might be familiar with, except these days you don’t even have to leave your home to do it. You can do everything online and right from the comfort of your own home.